Works on Paper: 20th April – 3rd May 2018

We have a selection of new Andrew Tozer drawings in especially for this exhibition

This new group show celebrates the varying ways in which artists present works on paper. Featuring copper etchings, pen and inks, mixed media and an imposing charcoal completed on the spot!

Artists’ work displayed includes Nigel Chamberlain, Nancy Crewe, Miles Heseltine, Sarah Woods, Andrew Tozer and Richard Tuff.

Some new Sarah Woods etchings can also be seen in this show.

We are delighted to be introducing new gallery artist Hugo Jones. Hugo grew up in Cornwall, where he developed a deep love for the landscape and its inhabitants. The people in the portraits are friends, family and himself; he enjoys trying to capture expression and movement, whilst also being true to human form.

He is always looking to improve his knowledge of anatomy, by studying from books and attending life drawing classes. His work tries to bridge the gap between traditional methods, and more modern expressive ideas.

To see Hugo’s work visit our website here 


This exhibition is open until the 3rd May, don’t miss it!


Sarah Wimperis wins the CASS Art prize

Sarah Collecting her prize at the Royal Institute 

We are excited to announce that gallery artist Sarah Wimperis has won the CASS Art Prize at the Royal Institute of watercolour painters with her painting ‘One Hundred to One from the Shard’ showing a london night scene as seen from a skyscraper (seen above). We would like to say a big congratulations on this amazing achievement. You can read an interview with Sarah from the night of the award ceremony here on the CASS ART website . 

Sarah has also been involved in the newest Cancer Research Uk advert in which she paints a famous Vincent Van Gogh picture to convey a strong message on donations to the charity. View the video through the link below:

Sarah’s work is also on show in our Spring Exhibition don’t miss these incredible new pieces! 


New Artist | Jonathan Koetsier

Spaghetti, Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Onion, Garlic and Pot
30.5 x 40.6 cms
£1,200 by Jonathan Koetsier 

In our current Spring Exhibition we are introducing a new artist to the gallery, Jonathan Koetsier. Jonathan is based in St. Andrews, Scotland and graduated from Falmouth University in 2017 with an MA in Illustration having also graduated a year before from BA in Drawing also at Falmouth University.

For our Spring exhibition we are featuring his dramatic still life works

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Jonathan’s work can be seen in the gallery for our Spring Exhibition 

“I notice an object that is beautiful to me, I begin to remember all my experiences of that object, and I am reminded of being six. I think about how interesting it is that patterns of light can be read in such a way. I am fascinated by the differences I find between the way that I see something and the way that somebody else see it.

I arrange and select three plums, a jam jar, and a butter knife. I love jam and have many fond memories of picking fruit to make homemade jam, or simply having jam on toast after a long day in the studio. Visually, I am drawn to the beautiful purples and reds of the fruit, and the red and white of the lid on the jam jar. I take my subjects into the studio, and I position a makeshift light on my still life stage as a theatre director. I don’t stop until I am in love with the setup, drawing out the visual aspects in my subjects that I am attracted to, and building an effective composition. I continue to arrange and rearrange until I am excited to paint.

I draw my arrangement, measuring, and carefully marking the parameters of each object. I begin to mix colour, forgetting everything but the visual of my subject, seeing not a plum, but patterns of light and colour. The work becomes abstract in process, no longer seeing objects but patches of light, which I carefully observe, mixing and placing shapes of paint on the panel. I am finished when the first sensation that compelled me to paint has been expressed.

As I look back on my work I see three aspects in conversation, paint on a surface that is visually beautiful in it’s own right, marks that record actions of painting and all my thoughts that go with that, and a seen in subject with all it’s individual associations. All three aspects come together to form the experience of seeing one of my paintings.” – Jonathan Koetsier March 2018

Jam, Plums and Butter Knife
22.9 x 30.5 cms
£950 by Jonathan Koetsier


All of Jonathan’s work can be seen on our website here:

Beside The Wave Annual Spring Show 2018

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Our Spring window display featuring new ceramics by Emily Doran 

Our annual Spring Show is now open!

This exhibition features brand new work by Lizzy Bridges, Anne-Marie Butlin, Richard Tuff and Sarah Wimperis. We are also thrilled to introduce the work of recent graduate Jonathan Koetsier to the gallery!

There’s another opportunity to view some of Benjamin Warner’s abstract collection from earlier in the year. We also couldn’t resist including some contemporary impressionists, Andrew Tozer and Robert Jones. Prints and etchings by Jamie Medlin and Sarah Woods complete the collection.

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Striking new paintings by Lizzy Bridges 
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New work by our newest gallery artist Jonathan Koetsier now in the gallery 

Our newest gallery artist Jonathan Koetsier is based in St. Andrews, Scotland and graduated from Falmouth University in 2017 with an MA in Illustration having also graduated a year before from BA in Drawing also at Falmouth University.

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New Anne-Marie Butlin paintings providing the gallery with some spring florals. 
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Martha Holmes wonderful still life paintings

From all of us at Beside The Wave we’d like to wish you a very happy Easter weekend, we are open as usual!

*New Exhibition* W: A Group Show 8th – 29th March 2018


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Our new window display featuring work by our female artists

Our new show: W is now open and will run until 29th March. This show celebrates our incredibly talented female gallery artists, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

We are also excited to introduce new artist Martha Holmes to this exhibition where she is showcasing some of her delightful still lifes.

Take a sneak peak of the paintings and artists you can see in this show in our images below!

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Work by new gallery artist Martha Holmes can be seen in the gallery.

For this show we are welcoming a new female artist to the gallery. Martha Holmes is currently in the final year of her degree at Falmouth University and we just love her little studies, perfect for the start of spring.

“I am a painter based in Falmouth. My work takes inspiration from the rich colours and light found within the Cornish coast and landscape, working both en plein air as well as still life from my studio space.
The nature of my work allows me to explore and travel around the coast, seeking spots to paint and record the changing lanscape. The abstract and expressive nature of my landscape work has influenced my still life painting, using a similar method to document the structure of colour and light within the compositions. I always work from life, with foliage often picked from different places along the coast or close to where I paint in Falmouth. Process and the space I work in has always been important to me – working directly within the landscape or with the subject matter of a still life allows me to fully engage with my work.” – Martha Holmes February 2018

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Etchings by Sarah Woods

Recent graduate Sarah Woods is also featured in this exhibition and we are so excited to have some of her original paintings in for this show too. Other Artists included are Amy Albright, Emma Dunbar, Nancy Crewe, Helen Jones, Siobhan Purdy, Erin Ward and Sarah Wimperis.

To see more information on all the pieces featured in this exhibition visit our website here:


Andrew Tozer: Insights 16th February – 7th March 2018

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 45 06

We are excited to announce our new exhibition Insights by Andrew Tozer is now open in the gallery until the 7th March 2018.

Andrew Tozer is an outstanding contemporary impressionist, and, in the impressionist tradition is drawn to paint what he sees before him. Andrew finds beauty in what is present each day, drawing inspiration from both family life and the landscapes that surround him, motivating him to describe what he sees and experiences in art form.

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 48 24

Soft-lit landscapes, powerful interiors, still lifes and figure pieces are vibrantly described, and in this way, the daily experience of life is made magical. Confidence, bravery and a sense of joy define Andrew’s approach to his work, which nonetheless appears to be effortless. He is, however, serious in his commitment to progression and development, and reflects deeply on his relationship to the ‘greats’ that have both preceded and inspired him.

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 47 54

The great English artist, Walter Sickert, is described by Andrew as one of his heroes, and in his painting, ‘Nude – A homage to Sickert’, Tozer is paying his respects, describing the mood that pervades the scene as ‘dark and curious’ – terms that could equally be used to describe the atmosphere in many of Sickert’s celebrated nudes. Similarly, Andrew’s painting, ‘The Gypsy Girl’ is a homage to Renoir’s exquisite 1879 painting; here Andrew found inspiration in what he describes as Renoir’s ‘dazzling brushwork’ and this piece reflects Andrew’s growing interest in exploring the way in which surface textures can contribute to the richness of his work.

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 48 08

Exploration, inspiration and evolution are central to this collection which, as a whole, marks Andrew Tozer out as an serious painter who has much to offer; he has decades of painting experience behind him, and his drive to explore and grow in the decades to come, marks Andrew out as categorically ‘one to watch’.

We highly recommend popping in to see these unique works by one of Cornwall’s most highly praised artist’s.

View all works featured in this exhibition online here. 

Loving Vincent Oscar Nomination!


We are so thrilled to see that Loving Vincent has been awarded an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature Film at the Academy Awards 2018!

A huge congratulations to gallery artist Sarah Wimperis who spent five painstaking months working on the film in Gdansk at the beginning of 2017 and was the only British artist involved in the making of the film.

To see some of Sarah’s work currently in the gallery follow the link to our website here:

Mixed Winter Collection 4th – 31st January 2018

These delightful Richard Tuff paintings and pen and ink drawings are up at the front of the gallery! 

We have a new Mixed Collection up in the gallery to start 2018!

This exhibition showcases some amazing seaside paintings by Andrew Tozer, flower still lifes by Anne-Marie Butlin, dramatic Benjamin Warner landscapes and many more paintings by some of our wonderful gallery artists!

If you are looking for a special work of art for your home in 2018 we highly recommend seeing this exhibition which highlights our talented gallery artists!


A view of the back of the gallery, featuring paintings by Andrew Tozer and Erin Ward along with ceramics by louisa Taylor and Ali Tomlin.

To see all work featured in this exhibition visit our website here:

Highlights of 2017 at Beside The Wave

What a great year 2017 has been at Beside The Wave. We would like to thank all of our customers, friends and gallery artists for the support you have given us throughout the year and we wish you all a very happy New Year!

Please note that we are closed on New Years Day and open again on Tuesday 2nd January 11-4pm.

To end the year, here are some our highlights from 2017!

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For December we made a festive window advent calendar. Thank you all for your kind comments on our window this month!


We loved this recent show by Anne-Marie Butlin, Ali Tomlin, Emma Dunbar and Sue Binns. Our exhibitions this year have been a joy to host and we would like to thank all of our artists for showing such amazing pieces of art with us.


Gallery artist Sarah Wimperis had a great year working on the first fully painted feature length animation Loving Vincent, starring many famous faces!


We welcomed a new artist to the gallery. Jamie Medlin has given us some amazing prints of his original paintings, which have been hugely popular. See more of Jamie’s prints on our website!

Late May, Falmouth Docks

Benjamin Warner’s exhibition First Light opened in August and proved to be our most successful exhibition of the year! In this collection, Warner returned to the Falmouth Docks, which have long been a source of inspiration.

Ben will be exhibiting with us early in the New Year so watch this space for news of his new work!


Our Falmouth School of Art Show celebrated the talent of Falmouths graduates including recent graduates Sarah Woods (pictured above) Brom Irwin and Megan Fatharly.

The exhibition featured eighteen painters and two ceramists that have graduated from Falmouth University, in its various stages, over the last six decades, including: the highly acclaimed Cornish artist Robert Jones who graduated from the Falmouth School of Art in 1964.


We took part in FRESH Art Fair 2017! This exciting new art fair took place at Cheltenham racecourse and featured numerous galleries from across the country coming together to show a great variety of art. This fair was a huge success for us and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who organised this event and came to visit us whilst we were there. We can’t wait until next time!


Gallery artist Catherine Lucktaylor’s work was featured on the Great Pottery Throwdown on the BBC earlier this year as a perfect example of Raku pottery!


Back in the summer Andrew Tozer provided a painting demonstration in the gallery, it was a fabulous way for customers and the whole Beside The Wave team to see the process and methods behind Andrew’s paintings.


Miles Heseltine provided us with an amazing Diptych in his show ‘Hillside and Headlands’ back in May.
Miles is often found on monumental cliff tops with a colossal sheet of paper rolled out in front of him, stones used to anchor the corners to the rugged ground, working intuitively and quickly to capture a particular moment.