Andrew Tozer: Insights 16th February – 7th March 2018

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 45 06

We are excited to announce our new exhibition Insights by Andrew Tozer is now open in the gallery until the 7th March 2018.

Andrew Tozer is an outstanding contemporary impressionist, and, in the impressionist tradition is drawn to paint what he sees before him. Andrew finds beauty in what is present each day, drawing inspiration from both family life and the landscapes that surround him, motivating him to describe what he sees and experiences in art form.

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 48 24

Soft-lit landscapes, powerful interiors, still lifes and figure pieces are vibrantly described, and in this way, the daily experience of life is made magical. Confidence, bravery and a sense of joy define Andrew’s approach to his work, which nonetheless appears to be effortless. He is, however, serious in his commitment to progression and development, and reflects deeply on his relationship to the ‘greats’ that have both preceded and inspired him.

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 47 54

The great English artist, Walter Sickert, is described by Andrew as one of his heroes, and in his painting, ‘Nude – A homage to Sickert’, Tozer is paying his respects, describing the mood that pervades the scene as ‘dark and curious’ – terms that could equally be used to describe the atmosphere in many of Sickert’s celebrated nudes. Similarly, Andrew’s painting, ‘The Gypsy Girl’ is a homage to Renoir’s exquisite 1879 painting; here Andrew found inspiration in what he describes as Renoir’s ‘dazzling brushwork’ and this piece reflects Andrew’s growing interest in exploring the way in which surface textures can contribute to the richness of his work.

Photo 16-02-2018, 10 48 08

Exploration, inspiration and evolution are central to this collection which, as a whole, marks Andrew Tozer out as an serious painter who has much to offer; he has decades of painting experience behind him, and his drive to explore and grow in the decades to come, marks Andrew out as categorically ‘one to watch’.

We highly recommend popping in to see these unique works by one of Cornwall’s most highly praised artist’s.

View all works featured in this exhibition online here.