Richard Tuff: Celebrating 30 years at Beside The Wave Gallery

Richard Tuff 30th Anniversary collection ‘Travelling through the decades’

Pont des Arts to Notre Dame. 54.5 x 63 cm, gouache on paper (2)

Richard Tuff has been represented by Beside The Wave since 1989 and we’re delighted to present his 30th anniversary solo exhibition here in the Gallery.

For this landmark show ‘Travelling through the decades’ celebrating the 30 years of work, Richard has looked back over his travels in Italy, France, Spain and Morocco. Each place evokes a new tapestry of rich colours for him to explore and subject matters varying from Parisian Cafes to Spice Souks in Marrakesh.

Richard Tuff has gained a reputation as one of the most sought-after and admired landscape painters currently working in the county. Although most well-known for his paintings of Cornwall, foreign travel has been a regular theme in Richard Tuff’s exhibitions at the gallery over the last 30 years. Spain, Italy, Morocco and France have all provided Tuff with a new perspective.

His ability to penetrate the real climate of a place is unrelenting, whether this is reflected in his black and white ink studies or his large-scale silk screens. Richard’s handling of colour consistently reflects a talent for observation which is often underrated in a painter’s arsenal.

Richard’s work is an escape for the viewer-transporting you seamlessly to the place that lies within the painterly plane. So on the 30th anniversary of his work being represented by Beside The Wave, we caught up with Richard to find out more about his successful career as a landscape painter.

This collection is a true celebration of your work over the last 30 years. How would you describe it to someone who has never seen your work before?
The work in this collection is focused on travel painting, which has played a big part in my interests and work over my career. It is different painting somewhere that one is visiting briefly or traveling through, to an area (Cornwall) that your relationship evolves with over time.

What does 30 years at Beside The Wave mean to you?
It has been good and reassuring to have stability through a changing career, although of course you only know this when looking back. It was not something that I knew would happen when I was starting out, but something I am very proud of.

You were very young when you first exhibited with Beside The Wave. What would your advice be to new artists starting their career?

When you are younger, I think it is easier to follow your own path. Although I did know a little art history, I was not really influenced by other artists, so my style, such as it is, came quite naturally.

Although there must be advantages in coming to art practice in later life, experience and knowledge is certainly a plus or minus thing.

What is it about Cornwall that inspires you so much? Is there a particular place in Cornwall that you feel the most creative?
When I started out, I used to paint all over Cornwall almost ticking off the places and trying to find subjects off the beaten track.

With time I have tended to return more and more to the subjects and places that we have got to know as a family and things that work for me.

What do you want the viewer to feel from your paintings?
Everyone likes to be liked, but actually, I think in painting, you cannot worry too much about the viewer because it gets in the way of the process.

What’s next for your work?
Some of the paintings in this show are focused more on an atmosphere than structural subject. I would like to and am trying to bring some of that approach to my Cornish work.

All of the available work from the collection can be seen here.


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