Beside The Wave is one of Cornwall’s best known and well established contemporary art venues with an international following of collectors.

Our art works are predominantly rooted in the landscape; Cornwall’s rich coast, countryside, towns and villages providing the inspiration for much of the work that we show. However, our exhibition calendar showcases much more.

Paintings and Limited Edition Prints

When it comes to our artists, our primary focus is to showcase not only the most established, but also emerging talent. Our artists include some of Cornwall’s most known, like Richard Tuff, Benjamin Warner and Andrew Tozer. We also represent recent graduates from Falmouth University, some of which finishing as recently as 2018, Martha Holmes, Sarah Woods, Ruth Watkinson and Julia Florence.

The gallery offers a wide range of exceptional work to those wishing to start or extend their collections.


As well as paintings and prints, the gallery has a wide selection of ceramics with unique and traditional designs which are both functional and decorative.

We represent ceramicists using a mixture of techniques, materials and colours including Sue Binns, Wendy Farley, Paul Jackson, Catherine Lucktaylor and many more.



We represent a number of jewellers that produce beautiful and unique jewellery, from statement pieces to everyday wearable items.

Makers include Emily Nixon, Sarah Hyams, Stephanie Johnson and many more.

We also host a lively and exciting schedule of exhibitions throughout the year and evening viewing events to which all are welcome.

We also offer interest free finance under the Own Art scheme reducing the cost of purchase to affordable monthly payments.

The Gallery was acquired in 2007 by Ingrid Heseltine.


Customer Feedback about the Beside The Wave Gallery…

“Wonderful original work!” Carolyn & Mike from Bristol 

“Love the pottery!” Mrs Shaw

“Some of the most interesting & beautiful work. Thank you.” Geraldine

“Very nice, would buy most of the shop!” Katy, Birmingham

“Gorgeous selection of works. A real gem.” Giovanna

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