Mixed Winter Collection 4th – 31st January 2018

These delightful Richard Tuff paintings and pen and ink drawings are up at the front of the gallery! 

We have a new Mixed Collection up in the gallery to start 2018!

This exhibition showcases some amazing seaside paintings by Andrew Tozer, flower still lifes by Anne-Marie Butlin, dramatic Benjamin Warner landscapes and many more paintings by some of our wonderful gallery artists!

If you are looking for a special work of art for your home in 2018 we highly recommend seeing this exhibition which highlights our talented gallery artists!


A view of the back of the gallery, featuring paintings by Andrew Tozer and Erin Ward along with ceramics by louisa Taylor and Ali Tomlin.

To see all work featured in this exhibition visit our website here: http://www.beside-the-wave.co.uk/exhibitions/1186/winter-collection-2018

Highlights of 2017 at Beside The Wave

What a great year 2017 has been at Beside The Wave. We would like to thank all of our customers, friends and gallery artists for the support you have given us throughout the year and we wish you all a very happy New Year!

Please note that we are closed on New Years Day and open again on Tuesday 2nd January 11-4pm.

To end the year, here are some our highlights from 2017!

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For December we made a festive window advent calendar. Thank you all for your kind comments on our window this month!


We loved this recent show by Anne-Marie Butlin, Ali Tomlin, Emma Dunbar and Sue Binns. Our exhibitions this year have been a joy to host and we would like to thank all of our artists for showing such amazing pieces of art with us.


Gallery artist Sarah Wimperis had a great year working on the first fully painted feature length animation Loving Vincent, starring many famous faces!


We welcomed a new artist to the gallery. Jamie Medlin has given us some amazing prints of his original paintings, which have been hugely popular. See more of Jamie’s prints on our website!

Late May, Falmouth Docks

Benjamin Warner’s exhibition First Light opened in August and proved to be our most successful exhibition of the year! In this collection, Warner returned to the Falmouth Docks, which have long been a source of inspiration.

Ben will be exhibiting with us early in the New Year so watch this space for news of his new work!


Our Falmouth School of Art Show celebrated the talent of Falmouths graduates including recent graduates Sarah Woods (pictured above) Brom Irwin and Megan Fatharly.

The exhibition featured eighteen painters and two ceramists that have graduated from Falmouth University, in its various stages, over the last six decades, including: the highly acclaimed Cornish artist Robert Jones who graduated from the Falmouth School of Art in 1964.


We took part in FRESH Art Fair 2017! This exciting new art fair took place at Cheltenham racecourse and featured numerous galleries from across the country coming together to show a great variety of art. This fair was a huge success for us and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who organised this event and came to visit us whilst we were there. We can’t wait until next time!


Gallery artist Catherine Lucktaylor’s work was featured on the Great Pottery Throwdown on the BBC earlier this year as a perfect example of Raku pottery!


Back in the summer Andrew Tozer provided a painting demonstration in the gallery, it was a fabulous way for customers and the whole Beside The Wave team to see the process and methods behind Andrew’s paintings.


Miles Heseltine provided us with an amazing Diptych in his show ‘Hillside and Headlands’ back in May.
Miles is often found on monumental cliff tops with a colossal sheet of paper rolled out in front of him, stones used to anchor the corners to the rugged ground, working intuitively and quickly to capture a particular moment.

Beside The Wave Christmas Gift Guide




Gurnard’s Head £495 by Myles Oxenford | Ceramics £33 – £35 by Sue Binns | Necklace £46 & Earrings £35 by Sarah Perry | Porcelain beaker, £23 by Wendy Wilbraham |Cylinder vase £380 by Ali Tomlin | The warmth of the last light £295 by Helen Jones
The festive season is upon us and there is only one week until Christmas! Beside The Wave Falmouth has put together a unique gift guide to help you find a unique token of love and best wishes this Christmas. From one of a kind jewellery to hand made ceramics,click here, to view the full guide.
As a gift from us to you, we are offering free shipping throughout our Christmas show and gift wrapping is free with any purchase. We also offer gift vouchers so your loved one can chose something special, be it a painting, jewellery or ceramics.Our Christmas Window Advent Calendar is now well underway and don’t miss the chance to get 10% off each day’s work of art, see our  social media for more details. Instagram 

Clockwise from top left:Winter Pansies £495 by Anne-Marie Butlin | Snowy Pockets £330 by Nancy Crewe | Espresso / Shot Cup
by Julie Fewster | Bottle £100 by Jessica Thorn | Starfish Necklace £77 by Emily Nott-Bower | Earrings £148 by Lucy Spink | Bowl & Stem Vase both £48 by Ali Tomlin | Still Life with Clemitis £495 by Anne-Marie Butlin

Christmas at Beside The Wave 24th November 2017 – 3rd January 2018

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Our annual Christmas show is now open at the gallery and available to view online. With over 30 different artists’ work on display we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something for those you love, or a new addition to your own home with many pieces under £500. The show includes brand new work by Nancy Crewe, Emma Dunbar, Helen Jones, Myles Oxenford and Richard Tuff.

We are also excited to be showing etchings by the artist Sarah Woods who is new to the gallery for this show. Sarah is a recent graduate from Falmouth University where she studied a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from 2013-2016.

Empty Skies by Sarah Woods
36 x 29 cms

‘I am a painter and printmaker documenting the landscape through mixed media and re-working materials. My prints are largely informed by an obsession with line, creating repetitive marks whilst abstracting and refining initial observations. This is explored through paintings that are sewn and engraved, altering the surface and emphasising the materials used.

Perception, reception and response are key processes in the translation of the landscape. Reversing the use of materials and questioning the order of the work inspires my practice and encourages an experimental approach, stripped of material and methodical in process.’ – Sarah Woods

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New Richard Tuff gouache paintings now up at the front of the gallery.

We hope you can make it to see this show over December, we have a range of ceramics and jewellery too which can be seen on our website. We would like to wish you a very happy festive season ahead and hope you enjoy this carefully curated Christmas collection.

Christmas Parties at Beside The Wave Galleries 

Our annual Christmas events will be taking place at Beside The Wave London on Thursday 30th November and here in Falmouth on Thursday 7th December. We very much hope to see you in either gallery.

Composition and Colour: 3rd – 24th November 2017

Here’s a peak at some fabulous new work by Ali Tomlin, Anne-Marie Butlin, Emma Dunbar and Sue Binns.

This very special group show is a celebration of four artist’s ability to combine colour, texture and form to produce exquisite works of art. From Anne-Marie Butlin’s traditional still life’s depicting hand picked flowers in a Sue Binns’ vase to Emma Dunbar’s eclectic and playful compositions featuring an Ali Tomlin pot with her distinctive scribble.

With impressive and extensive careers to date, we feel privileged to represent these artists. Each have been shown throughout the UK, have been featured in several publications and now have an international following of collectors.

Our window display for Composition and Colour, full of Ali Tomlin and Sue Binns ceramics as well as Anne-Marie Butlin and Emma Dunbar paintings. 

Anne-Marie Butlin trained at Harrow and Loughborough College of Art.
She now lives and works in Crouch End, North London. Her work is
exhibited all over the country and has been show at Art Fairs in
Amsterdam and the USA. She also regularly works on portrait

‘I paint mostly still life with fruit, flowers ceramics, patterned fabrics and
various domestic objects in still, calm interiors. I love the character of
different flowers and the unique feeling they can create in a space; the
strong structures and sometimes the sheer joyfullness of their
appearance. Although I often use the same shallow format, I like the
different possibilities of the still life.
My colours range from the subtle, with close tones, to strong and
decorative. I usually use a strong base colour, which I allow to show
through in places; this gives many of the paintings quite a jewel-like feel.’
Anne-Marie Butlin

Delphiniums | oil on linen | 100 x 100 cms | £3,350 | by Anne-Marie Butlin

Born in England in 1961, Emma Dunbar graduated in 1984 with a BA Hons
in Fine Art Printmaking from West Surrey College of Art and Design. Since
then she has worked full time as an artist and exhibited throughout the UK.
Emma’s inspiration comes from travelling in India, Cornish holidays and the
chaos of family life. Also, the work of her favourite artists, including Mary
Fedden, Milton Avery and Daphne McClure.

“What excited me about making pictures is trying to capture the essence of
a place, a feeling, a thing. I am attracted to vivid colours and the decorative
qualities of everyday objects. My aim is to end up with my gathered
ingredients – glimpses of journeys, patterns from familiar settings and
objects collected along the way – converging to create an image that
communicates the richness of the original source of inspiration.’ – Emma Dunbar.

Early Autumn Blackbirds | acrylic on board | 30 x 30 cms | £575 | by Emma Dunbar 

Sue’s skills as a potter are largely self taught but she had an inspirational few years under the guidance of Ian Godfrey at the Montem School in the 1980?s. Since then her work has been evolving and she has produced a wide range of functional domestic stoneware.
The distinctive patterns are produced by brushing dilute cobalt over the dolomite glaze before firing to 1240 degrees centigrade. The seemingly endless combinations of stripes that dominate my work are carefully chosen to suit each individual piece.

Vases by Sue Binns 

Ali Tomlin has always drawn and designed and loves the energy of random lines or marks, from a sketch, painting or found on stones or peeling paint. She enjoys how just a simple line can completely change the feeling of a piece.

Her work is a collection of thrown, uncluttered porcelain forms. She throws and turns the pieces to a fine finish which, when unglazed and sanded, gives the porcelain a paper-like, tactile quality, where she applies her marks as spontaneously as possible. Preferring to work on the dry, chalky surface, she uses stains, oxides and slips, splashing or sponging away areas and inlaying lines, creating pleasingly imperfect and unpredictable marks. Sometimes this results in simple graphic marks and sometimes never ending abstract, landscape paintings or cityscapes, wrapping around the pots.
We hope you are able to join us in the gallery for what promises to be a striking, richly coloured and joyful exhibition of these incredibly talented artist’s work.

Ali Tomlin bowls 

We hope you are able to join us in the gallery for what promises to be a striking, richly coloured and joyful exhibition of these incredibly talented artist’s work.

New Ceramics by Catherine Lucktaylor and Mary-Rose Young now in our Falmouth gallery.

New ceramics in the gallery by Catherine Lucktaylor 

We are excited to announce we now have a new selection of ceramics by Catherine Lucktaylor and Mary-Rose Young in the gallery.

Catherine creates hand built ceramics in her studio at Bejowans Farm near St Buryan, West Cornwall. She uses time honoured techniques such as coiling, pinching and slabbing to create stunning statement pieces. These exquisitely crafted, one of a kind, pinched and coiled bowls and vessels which embody the wild beauty of the Cornish landscape are made using hand rolled coils of clay. The surface of the pots are burnished to a silky sheen with the use of a smooth pebble before being bisque fired to 1000 degrees centigrade.

A selection of vibrant crackle glazes and slip resist techniques along with Catherine’s signature turquoise glaze are applied to the pots. They are then fired in an outside Raku Kiln, which Catherine made herself, to around 950 degrees centigrade. Pieces are removed from the kiln with tongs whilst glowing red hot smoked in sawdust before being cleaned to reveal the unpredictable beauty of Raku glazed ceramics.

Working from home, Mary-Rose Young began selling pottery pieces from a barrow at the Dockside Arts Centre, in Bristol, from about 1985. Her earliest designs included the humorous ‘frantic chicken’ and a rose motif which seemed appropriate next to her name. The roses began to grow in a three-dimensional form on the rims of vases and on the handles of mugs, and she called the look ‘Rose Encrusted’.

In 1986 production moved to a small pottery in the village of Parkend. Early recognition of her work at this time came in the form of a magazine article for South West Arts, an interview with Jan Leeming for TV, and acceptance by the Crafts Council for her application to exhibit at the Chelsea Crafts Fair.

Contact us at gallery@beside-the-wave.co.uk if you would like any information on these new ceramics.

Loving Vincent Screening at The Poly, Falmouth, followed by Q&A with Sarah Wimperis

A few frames that Sarah Wimperis painted for Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully painted feature film which brings the paintings and subjects of Vincent van Gogh to life to tell his remarkable story. It follows the last few days of the Dutch Master’s passionate and ill-fated life to his mysterious death in July 1890.

As the only English oil-painter among a 125-strong global team of artists, working in Poland and Greece on this extraordinary animated film, Helford-based Sarah Wimperis became immersed in the themes, style and world of Van Gogh.

On Monday 20 November The Poly, in association with Beside the Wave gallery, will be hosting a special Cornish premiere for Loving Vincent – with a chance to meet the artist over a glass of wine beforehand at Beside the Wave Falmouth. Sarah will then be on stage at The Poly, after the screening, to answer all audience questions.

This special Loving Vincent evening starts from 5.30pm – 7pm at Beside the Wave Falmouth on Monday 20 November; the film itself begins at 7.30pm along the road at The Poly with a Q & A session with Sarah Wimperis immediately afterwards.

Sarah will also be taking questions following the second screening of the film on Tuesday 21 November at 7.30pm.

For more information about Loving Vincent and Sarah Wimperis’s contribution to it, see http://www.beside-the-wave.co.uk/exhibitions/1159/sarah-wimperis-light-and-heat

Jamie Medlin: Prints now in stock


Autumn at Kynance 800px
Autumn at Kynance| print | 25.4 x 74.3 cms| £120| by Jamie Medlin.

We are thrilled to announce we now have a selection of 10 limited edition prints and a original painting by the highly acclaimed artist Jamie Medlin in the gallery and online.

Now Based in Cornwall, Jamie’s time painting is split between his two favourite subjects – seascapes and yachting. There has been continued success with his yacht paintings at Christies in London where he auctions in their Maritime sales; and along with this, regularly exhibits with his London gallery – Rountree Tryon. This exposure has led to a worldwide following and commissions from some of the biggest marine collectors in the world, with a host of publications featuring Jamie’s work. All of his limited edition prints are from original oil paintings on canvas.

download (6)
Pudding Rock| oil on canvas| by Jamie Medlin

“More recently I have returned to painting the scenes and views within our wonderful county.  The simple aim is to do justice to the beauty which has inspired people forever and continues to bring people back to visit, (who are not lucky enough to live here), year after year.  I’m fascinated by the nuances of light, from minute to minute; affected by the time of day, weather conditions, seasons and tides.  All these factors combine to create an infinite possibility of effects and scenes, all of which can be pleasing to the viewer.  Cornwall’s beauty is unquestionably stunning, if I can replicate it, my job is almost done.” – Jamie Medlin

Adrian Hemming: In Search of Snow-13th October-1st November 2017.

Our new exhibition ‘In Search of Snow’ by Adrian Hemming is now up in the gallery!

We are delighted to be hosting our first collection for highly acclaimed and collected artist Adrian Hemming in our Falmouth gallery.’In search Of Snow’ is open from 13th October – 1st November 2017. This collection consists of twelve paintings of the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy, where Adrian studied the energetic landscape.

Adrian Hemming was born in Leicester in 1945. Following an engineering apprenticeship he travelled widely in Europe and developed an appreciation of landscape and a love of art. On returning to England, Adrian was accepted onto the Foundation Course at Lincoln College of Art. His B.A. was completed at Brighton Polytechnic (1973) and his M.A. at Goldsmiths College, London University (1982).

Adrian has twice been short-listed for the Artist in Residence at the National Gallery, London. He has lectured and exhibited widely in England, Scotland, America and South Africa. His work can be found in many private and public collections as well as being on public view in Terminal One, Heathrow Airport, as a result of a major commission by BAA.

download (2)
A new collection of Tuff gouache paintings and pen and inks.

Alongside this collection we have a mixed collection by some of our gallery artists as well as a new collection of Richard Tuff gouache paintings and pen and ink drawings up in the gallery. All of these new works can be seen on our website.